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How to Build a Brand Persona for Clients

Sometimes the prettiest people can have the ugliest personalities. The same goes for a brand! Any brand can look good, but only the most successful can have the personality to match. It’s a brand’s personality that sets it apart from the rest and makes a good brand great. When building a brand persona for clients it’s vital to establish a concrete backbone in which the rest of the brand can grow. That backbone is made up of the mission, vision and brand promise.

Some people believe that mission and vision statements are one in the same however, they could not be more different. It’s the mission statement that informs your consumer the purpose of the brand beyond just making a profit. The mission statement is a crucial part in building a brand persona for clients because it tells consumers who you are. It’s perhaps the most important part of anyone’s personality; their purpose.

The brand’s vision statement is also important in creating its persona. Whereas the mission

statement informs, the vision statement inspires. It gives consumers a glimpse into the future of the brand. If the mission statement is what the brand is, the vision statement is what the brand will become. When creating your client’s brand persona, the vision is equally as significant as the mission. It’s meant to give consumers something to look forward to, a brand they can believe in.

Last but not least is the brand’s promise. The promise is constructed of what will the brand do, for whom, and what will the outcome be. It informs consumers what they should expect every time they purchase, use, or visit the brand. Just as it’s important to create a promise, it’s even more critical to make sure the brand keeps that promise, thereby establishing trust with consumers.

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