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Why You Should be Attending More Webinars

With the rise of online based careers and working remotely, it makes sense that webinars have grown to be so popular. Whether you work remotely or not, if you’re not regularly signing up to webinars you are really missing out on a ton of informative, and usually free lessons and tutorials. Here’s why you really should take advantage of them:

Stay Relevant

Industries are ever evolving and there will always be new tricks and tips on how you can be the best at what you do. Attending a webinar can be a useful tool that you can use to stay on top of the trends in social media and PR. Webinars are quick and to the point to provide knowledge in a no-nonsense manner.

A Cohesive Team

If your department is actively watching the same webinars, it helps to level the playing field of knowledge so that everyone is up to date. Set aside time for your team to watch webinars at least once a month so that nothing can get lost in translation.


Possibly the best part about attending webinars is that you can participate from wherever you want. Chilling on the couch in your PJs? No one will know! Attending a webinar online will eliminate travel cost and most importantly saves you time. The days of attending a seminar for several hours while you could have just been working are over.

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