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5 Tips for Staying Positive in Your Career

Establish a work life balance

Life is all about balance, and therefore it’s important to find that balance between your work and personal life. Overworking yourself will inevitably lead you to resent your job so it’s crucial to know when it’s time to leave the office for the day and reward yourself with some well deserved personal time.

Practice gratitude

For those days when you contemplate driving cross country instead of to your job, take a

moment to practice gratitude. There are so many people who are unemployed and would do

anything just to make that dreaded 8am commute. Be thankful that you have a job, a source of income, and that in this moment sitting in rush hour traffic, you are luckier than most.

Step away from the computer

If you’ve been staring at the same excel spreadsheet for hours, don’t be afraid to step away from the computer. Sometimes it helps to look at something with a fresh set of eyes, so go for a walk, grab a midday pick me up, or just practice some deep breathing exercises. I promise you that screen will still be there when you get back.

Remember your job isn’t your life

Don’t let a stressful 8 hours at work let you ruin the other 16 hours of your day. Afterall, a bad

job doesn’t mean a bad life. Leave work at work, and enjoy that time away from your desk either alone or with people who feed your soul

Ask for help

If you’re ever left feeling hopeless when it comes to your career, know that there are hundreds

of other people who have felt the exact same way. Don’t be afraid to reach out, whether it be to a colleague, a close friend, a family member or mentor and ask for their advice. Always remember, you are not alone.

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