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BuzzSumo and How it can Help Your Business

What is BuzzSumo? It is the easiest way to discover content worth any significance by searching what best resonates with social media audiences. This is super-helpful when it’s vital to stay up-to-date with the current trends or finding relatable topics to reference when curating social media posts or pitching stories to editors.

Buzzsumo has some great key-features and benefits:

Researching content

It shows what is worth reading and writing about widely shared content on social media channels. You can filter by content formats or date, check what content is most shared for any topic, export results, sort by network, see content author, review headlines and view who shared the content.

Identifying key influencers

You can identify top influencers by topic or username. This feature is only limited to Twitter, however it shows the retweet ratio, reply ratio and average tweets of a person.

Analyzing the Competition

You can see other businesses and which type of content performs best for them on their social media networks, what channels get the most shares and who links back to their best performing pieces of content.

Creating Content Alerts

This feature allows you to custom alerts like you can get notified as soon as a domain publishes new engaging content, you can track most shared posts on competitor sites and track new links pointing to your website and brand name mentions.

Check out BuzzSumo to learn more!

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