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6 Must Follow Food Accounts

Some guilty-pleasures may consist of looking at food on Instagram. Let’s be honest, we find ourselves doing it at least a few times a week so we’ve rounded up some of our favorite food accounts from all over. They are all unique and post mouthwatering dishes that will keep you up way past your bedtime! Get ready for your mouth to water.

Want access to simple tasty recipes? Buzzfeed’s Tasty Instagram account is filled with easy to make meals that anyone can cook up! They feature a variety of different foods. The best part is that they post videos that help you make the recipe step by step. From pineapple bowls to shrimp dishes and even dessert pizza, this Instagram account will have you running to the kitchen to prepare your next delicious meal.

This account is total food goals. Skyler Bouchard, the account owner, likes to show off the best NYC restaurant finds. Macaroni and cheese, pizza and pancakes are some of her favorite foods to share on the page, and they all look extremely appetizing.

If you are obsessed with dessert, then this is the account you need to follow! They are constantly posting sugary goodness. Unique milkshakes, cookies and churros are just some of the treats you will find on this page.

The best-looking food with the wittiest captions is what you will find on this Instagram account! One Hungry Jew is always posting yummy food, and captions that will make you LOL. Juicy burgers, pastas and fancy hotel traveling pictures is what you’ll find here.

At first glance this account looks like it’s all photoshopped pictures, but they’re actually real! The owner of the account takes photos of his hand throwing very tasty looking food into the air! The result is some really good looking food, and hopefully a catch in the end. You can follow along to see some interesting pictures and tasty treats.

Dara loves bacon and uses lots of sarcasm, that’s what makes us love her so much. She posts unique dishes and awesome NYC restaurant finds. This account will always keep you laughing. Definitely a follow you will not regret!

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