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What to Expect From an HSC Internship

If you’re anything like I was a month ago, you’ve been stalking the HSC social with one thing on your mind; where do I sign up?! Before moving to Nashville, I stumbled upon the HSC Instagram and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of. So, I took a leap of faith and reached out to Hannah and her team expressing my interest in her company, clients and what they do. 1 month later I found myself a part of this amazing team! If you’re just as mesmerized as I was and are thinking you’d like to intern with HSC, here’s a few things you should know.

You’ll learn something new everyday

I’ve held various internships positions but none have compared to my PR internship here at HSC. Everyday I learn or develop a new skill, whether that be how to clip an article or how to write a successful pitch to send to different media outlets. Each day I leave feeling better than I came.

What you’re doing matters

Unlike other internships where you’re running to get coffee and mindless other errands, here what you’re doing actually matters (not to say coffee doesn’t matter). Everyday I feel that I am of value to the HSC team and never feel as though what I’m doing is just busy work. To feel as though you’re contributing to such a strong and talented team is truly so rewarding.

You won’t get it it the right the first time and that’s okay

I hate making mistakes and here I’ve made my fair share. However, the HSC team has turned every mistake into an opportunity to learn. So don’t get overwhelmed if you’re not getting it the first time- chances are you might not get it the second time either.

Before moving to Nashville, I thought the HSC team looked amazing. Well it turns out - I was right.

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