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4 Influencer Marketing Tips

Whether you’re selling a product, service or experience, influencers make for great storytellers and have the capacity to benefit almost any brand. Even though your product might not be great for Instagram photo ops, that doesn’t mean an influencer can’t tell the story behind your product in a really unique way. Often times audiences are more inclined to engage and listen to a real voice rather than a mere advertisement. So whether you’re selling roses or rubber bands, it’s worth investing some time or money into some influencer marketing!

Micro Influencers are the new celebrities

More followers doesn’t necessarily mean more engagement. In fact, research has shown that this is quite the opposite. So before spending millions on a celeb, why not consider a micro-influencer! Micro-influencers tend to have more engagement amongst their followers and reach a targeted audience that may be more well suited for your product.

Measuring ROI is key

It’s impossible to determine if a campaign was successful without looking at the key metrics. Metrics also help to plan future campaigns as well as rule out past ones. Metrics come in all shapes and sizes so be sure to look at comments, likes, and shares of each specific campaign.

Do not rely solely on automation when it comes to influencer platforms

Although it may be easier, there’s simply some things technology can’t replace. For example, establishing a sincere dialogue between your brand and the influencer. Influencer marketing is a meticulous mixture of both technology and people.

Even the best influencers can’t save a failing product

With that said, don’t rely on an influencer to change your product, but rather to change customer sentiment surrounding it. A bad product will always be a bad product, no matter what is said about it. Make sure to work out all kinks before turning to an influencer for help

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