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Five Reasons We Use Facebook Business Manager

Facebook Business Manager (FBM) is a helpful tool for businesses (like us at HSC) to manage their Facebook pages, ad accounts and ads efficiently in one place. If you are manually tapping into your business pages without FBM, you are not utilizing your time wisely. Ever plan to have more than one ad account or a team of people that will need access to ad accounts? Then Facebook Business Manager is the best tool for you!

Below are a few helpful tips on why we use FBM:

1. Manages your business process from a centralized dashboard that is easily accessible - The dashboard is great for having everything in a single place and you’ll be sure not to miss any engagement

2. You’ll have better control of all accounts - From the home page you can assign pages and ad accounts to staff members without any security issues

3. Easy to prepare business reports - It is easier to prepare reports or dashboards with several customized options that are user friendly

4. Work and life balance - business notifications can be linked to your work email, which will help be in touch with work and clients at the same time. With FBM you are no longer required to add clients as a friend on Facebook to give them access, so you can separate your personal Facebook.

5.Collaboration! - FBM makes it easier to create collaboration opportunities within your team

With our tips and Facebook’s guide, you can learn all the 411 you need to know about FBM!

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