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How to Track Your Press Results

As a publicist, it can be easy to lose track of what press you have booked, when it’s slated to run and past press hits. It can also become challenging when you are having to track coverage for multiple clients at once so it is essential make sure you have an organized system in place in order to do so.

You will want to keep track of your press hits to compile your monthly and annual reports for your clients, include in your own professional portfolio, and also just to give yourself a pat on the back to see all you have accomplished.

Here at HSC, we use a web-based system called “Air Table” which is a tool that we save our media lists to and also where we keep track of our pending and published coverage for our clients. It is a collaborative system, shared amongst your team that will update in real time, which makes keeping track of the most up-to-date statistics a breeze.

Below are some examples of how we use Air Table to track slated and published press coverage:

Pending coverage:

There are separate cells to enter: the story type, the client, the date it is slated to run and who placed it.

Published coverage:

It looks very similar to the pending coverage list as you can list the title of the story, the client, the date it ran, link to the story if it’s online, who placed it along with a pdf of the press clipping.

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