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So, What is Baaz?

Another day, another social media platform. So, what is Baaz? The platform has been fairly low-key, so it may not even be something you have heard of. It can get hard to keep up with every trend that pops up and you always ask, “is it worth my time to sign-up for this app?” We’re giving you all the information you need to know about the app. Baaz names themselves as, “a next generation social media platform created with a multi-nation audience in mind.” It uses powerful analytics and trend analysis that provides relevant and reliable news. It gives all the information to users worldwide.

The app allows you to connect with 200 social accounts that are all put into one single feed. Sounds magical, right? Through what they call their “BaazLine” you can view multiple feeds from all of your social networks. Everything you want is at your fingertips without having to switch screens constantly to see all the content you want.

They cut out the middle-men of social media that you don’t want to see and that eliminates the clutter. Do you ever notice yourself scrolling through a social media app and unfollowing users because it’s getting to be too much and not what you want to see? We all have had that moment. The network shows all of the trending stories so that you can see the top posts. You can use hashtags, tags and share each post.

The network was created with all users in mind and thrive on the change in the world. It is fueled by talent and enthusiasm. The creators want to show users the next generation of social media. The network knows that this world is ever-changing, so they express the excitement in new technology. It is solely content driven and used the way we communicate. Go out there and try out Baaz. It’s always a big adjustment getting used to a new social network, but why not give it a go. Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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