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How to Use Hashtags to Better Your Business

Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags… You see them everywhere, on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even outside of the social media world, but what are they really for? Hashtags serve as a guide for social media engagement. A hashtag is a single word, words or a phrase used on social media to increase posts and categorize specific content together. Hashtags can be used for various reasons, such as an event, topic or specific content. They act as a filter for your posts and link them to relatable and familiar posts that are alike. But why should businesses be using hashtags?

Not only do hashtags act as a filter for something, but they can help facilitate and discover new content for users. If you’re using any social platform, you should be using hashtags as well; however, if you are using email to engage with your customers, a hashtag won’t work.

Location Hashtags. Social media users love to post with their location. Say someone is looking for brunch spots in Malibu, and your business has brunch. An active social user will probably find a hashtag, SUCH AS “#malibubrunch, #malibu, #brunch” to find a brunch spot in their location. If your business is using hashtags correctly, then that user could come upon your business and brunch there.

Brand Hashtags. A branded hashtag is unique to your company and easily recognized. The hashtag “#justdoit” links to Nike right away, and you want your company’s to be just as quickly recognized. You first want to make sure the hashtag isn’t used, so do a quick search on Instagram and Twitter before you start. If it’s not being used regularly, then by all means go for it! Keep it short and easy to remember.

Event Hashtags. Using hashtags for events is a great way to market your event on social media, as well as for keeping a collection of posts from those that are participating in the event as well. The hashtag consolidates all of the posts into one place so that they are easily found and recognizable. This can help the organizer see how successful the event went, who came and to continue building the awareness.

CTA Hashtags. A call-to-action hashtag can be super beneficial for a business. If you are holding a contest or wanting more people to engage with your content, then this is for you. Various businesses use these as a way to get people to post content, and it turns into the butterfly effect. Red Bull did the “#PutACanOnIt” campaign that got tons of engagement. People all around the world were participating and coming up with creative ways to use the hashtag.

National Day Hashtags. Almost every day there is some “National Day,” whether it is food related, business related or just for humor. These hashtags can be beneficial for keeping your posts up to date and drive traffic to your page. We have no idea who creates these, but they’re working. Your business can chime in on them in creative ways that suit the brand. The National Days can be found here.

Every business is going to be different in how they use hashtags, but there is so much room for creativity! Hashtags are an easy way to keep your business driving traffic and maintaining a presence on social circles. Not only do hashtags drive people to your business, but they also bring together content and can be beneficial for business/customer engagement. Now, start playing around with hashtags and find what works best for your business!

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