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HSC Reads - 3 Books Every PR and Communications Professional Should Read

Working a full-time job or being a full-time student can make it hard to read something that isn’t being required of you. If you are like me you love the idea of reading and you even stop in the bookstore every once and a while to pick up some new books, swearing that you’ll definitely read this one this time but you just never quite find the time. Even if you are already in that PR job you’ve always dreamed of, or you are still a student on the verge of entering the job search these books below are an important read for all levels of professionals. You should always be searching for content to help keep you up to date and motivated in your field and these books are a great starting point.

Crushing It! How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business and Influence and How You Can, Too – This book is an office favorite at HSC! Even if you aren’t an entrepreneur this book gives great advice and insight into navigating the social media age we currently live in. The books author, Gary Vaynerchuk, offers up some amazing points into the world of Influencers and knowing this info can only help up your PR game.

The Social Brand - This book written by Huib van Bockel is another great read about working in the social media age. This one is less about how to use social media and more about what you need to help your brand succeed in the social era.

Growth Hacker Marketing- This book is a great read for professionals looking to understand digital marketing and how it’s now the more effective way to grow a business or client than through traditional marketing. Ryan Holiday will help you understand how to digitally grow and get substantial more visibility for your clients that will actually reach a greater amount of your target audience through social media sites and digital advertising.

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