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5 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do.

Maybe the title to this blog post should be “5 Things You *May or May Not Already* Know Your iPhone Can Do”, but hey, maybe you actually didn’t know that you iPhone can do one of these 5 listed things.

Screen Recording

We all know how to take a screenshot by now. However, not everyone knows how to screenshot a video. Screen Recording is easy to do. It’s not as simple as taking a screenshot, but if you need to record a video, you certainly can.

Let’s first add Screen Recording to your control center, for easy accessibility. Head to Settings, then click, Control Center, Customize Controls, and then add it so that is included to your Control Center lineup.

Once you have added it, swipe up from the bottom of your screen. You should now see a small dot with a circle around it in your control center. This is your screen-recording icon. If you click on this, a countdown begins from 3. Once you see 3,2,1, simply navigate to the video/screen you would like to screenshot and voila, your screen will be recording anything you do.

WORDS OF WISDOM: try this out a few times to get the hang of it before you try to screenshot your ex best friends Snapchat Story – if you screen record a snapchat you receive, the person who sent it to you will know. (we learned this the hard way).


For all you handy folks out there… Did you know, the good people at Apple set us up for success when they included a level in our phone!? No need to scour the app store for a Level app. Just open up your Compass app and swipe left. Boom! May all of your decorations be beautiful and precisely level. You’re welcome.

Emergency SOS

Unfortunately, we aren’t living in the same world our parents grew up in where they wouldn’t think twice about playing in the woods or wandering about town without any supervision. So, the minds at Apple provided a way in which you can make an emergency SOS call without making it obvious. All you need to do is press the lock button fast 5 times.

Your phone will sound and alarm and begin a countdown, after which time your phone will automatically place a call to emergency services. After the call ends, your iPhone sends your Emergency contacts a text message with your current location, unless you choose to cancel. If Location Services is off, it will temporarily turn on. You can change the setup of this in settings.

Flashlight brightness

Have you ever needed your flashlight in a restaurant or movie theatre and say to yourself, gosh this is so ridiculously bright, I’m causing a scene. Well, have no fear! You can adjust the brightness of your flashlight! Swipe up from your control center, and click on the flashlight icon with a little bit more pressure than you usually would. A tower will appear and all you have to do is swipe your finger up or down depending on how bright you want your light to be!


Some people use the Wallet app for the obvious reasons, but did you know that you could add your e-boarding pass to your wallet? We’ve all been in a situation where you think you lost your paper boarding pass or you took a screenshot of your boarding pass and then it gets deleted, or you have your email confirmation up and then your wifi goes out – oh just me? Ok, I digress. You can add your e-boarding pass to your Wallet for a quick scan so you can promptly get to your seat and get the best overhead bin space possible.

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