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Why you shouldn’t care too much.

Have you ever been so stressed out with work, but suddenly look up for a second and realize how great your life really is? We live in a generation that has grown up with smartphones and can work remotely from any location, which is where we question if a work-life balance is even possible. There is often a blurred line between work and our personal lives, so it’s important to find what matters most. Nearly half of Americans have jobs suitable for part time or full time telecommuting, meaning you are working outside of the office. People are constantly checking emails on dinner dates or finishing up their last assignment in their pjs on a Saturday morning. It is extremely important to take a step back from your professional demands and to recover from your busy work week.

Here are some tips to help you create your own action plan:

You do you

The definition of having a balanced work-life can vary widely between individuals. It is so easy to compare your life to your coworkers, but not really see what is going on behind closed doors. Instead of looking around and wishing you had someone else’s life, figure out what is meaningful to you. This could mean that you focus on working towards a promotion at your job or finding that special someone to have a family with. Life is short which means you do not want your life to pass by without taking time to make yourself happy.

Accept imperfection

Let’s say that you have established a balance of having time for your friends, but still getting your tasks done at work. Just because you have to miss someone’s birthday bash doesn’t mean that you are failing at life. Sometimes work has to come first and that big project you are working on is more important at the moment. Obstacles and and challenges will pop up, which means you have realize that it’s acceptable to make mistakes. The major key is that you are trying your best and focus on the main priorities.

Take it day by day

We’ve all been there. You spill coffee on your new blouse on the way to work and arrive to a huge stack of papers on your desk. The bad days suck. But the good days always make up for it. Those free donuts in the break room and completed to-do lists are a blessing in disguise. Take a deep breath and dive into your work, no matter how you’re feeling that day. Stay relevant in the moment, and don’t stress about the days previous or the ones to come. You got this!

Pursue your passions

It’s important to find time for the things you love to do, especially when your life is busy. Make a list of activities that excite you and work on checking in each box. Sign up for that art class you’ve been dying to take! Spend your day off in the park! Call up an old friend to have lunch! By taking the time each week to pencil in things you enjoy doing, it’ll improve the way you feel overall. You’ll be surprised how the little things matter!

Find fun anywhere

The best kind of day is when you get a lot of done, but feel like the day just passed in a blink of an eye. It is so important to embrace the idea that you really can have fun, even in a work setting. Especially in today’s generation making your coworkers your second family can create such a happy environment. Grabbing a few drinks after work with your coworkers is a great way to bring your team together. Keep in mind to still act appropriate and know your personal limits. Too many cocktails could turn into Monday’s gossip.

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