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Increase Your Brand Awareness for Free

Making sure your brand stands out from the crowd is every business person’s ultimate goal. Whether you’re looking to gain new customers, increase customer loyalty or just grow your business overall, increasing your brand awareness is the first place to start. This task is often overlooked and most businesses don’t even know where to start. We’ve come up with some helpful strategies that can help you further grow your brand without breaking the bank!

Be Active on Social Media

It’s pretty much a given now that companies need to be on social media in order to stay visible. Engaging and interacting with influencers and customers through social media helps to build a community and establish strong ties with followers. Posting relevant and interesting content that will draw in your target audience is key. Even get your followers involved by running a contest or giveaway, exchanging ideas and tips, and sharing links to relevant blog posts! Keep up to date with all the new social media trends. They are changing EVERYDAY and it is so important that you are in the know.

Be Consistent

Paying attention to brand consistency may seem like an obvious tip, but it’s often overlooked. Using the same color scheme, logo, e-signature, newsletter banner, messaging, etc. can be key to staying visible and recognizable to your customer base. Consistency also helps to make your brand feel more dependable and trustworthy. If you’re not consistent, your followers will be confused by who your brand is. You want to be recognizable right off the bat and not have people question who you are.

Start a Blog

Blogging has become a very powerful marketing tool in recent years. It’s is great way for you to establish yourself as an expert in your field, connect with your followers and stay relevant. Blogs should be fun, conversational, relevant, consistent and show off your business’s personality! They also help achieve a personal relationship with your followers. If you are posting weekly or even a few times a week it gives people something to look forward to reading and engage with weekly. Hopefully they will even share the blog and pass it along to friends and co-workers.

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