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Hiring Tips to Build Your Team

Hiring a new employee is one of the most stressful, time-consuming tasks a business will undertake. A bad hire can cause a company a lot of stress and distraction which leads to yet another cycle of hiring and even more interruptions. It’s essential to make the right choice from the start or it could be detrimental to your company. We’ve pulled together a few tips to help you gain insight on your candidates and to make the hiring process easier for you.

1. Take Your Time. This might seem simple but is very important. If you speed up the hiring process it could lead you to choose a poor candidate. It can be stressful, and you may want to get it over with, but will only hurt you and your company in the end. If you slow down the process and take more time to screen, you can avoid the possibility of hiring the wrong person.

2. Write Better Job Descriptions. If you’re not careful when you post a job description it can be misleading to applicants. People could get the wrong idea about the role and apply for something unsuited to their skillset. It is both a waste of the applicant’s time and yours. There's no need to sift through hundreds of applications if you just write a clear job description from the outset which will attract the right applicants to the position.

3. Conduct a Phone Interview First. Before an in-person interview, have a quick phone call first. During the call you'll identify any uncertainties in regard to the candidate being the right fit for the role. You don’t want to waste their time or yours! Make sure they have an accurate understanding of the job and that it is something that the they're is interested in. You are saving valuable face time that allows you to narrow down your search.

4. Pay Attention to the Candidate’s Questions. The candidate’s questions provide you a great deal of insight about them. Have they taken the time to research your company? Do they understand your brand? Do they seem interested and willing to commit to the role? When a candidate has a desire to join the company they should be making personal references that align with your company culture.

5. Make the Interview Fun. It’s very hard to get someone to open up and be their true self if they are nervous throughout the entire interview. Engage. Laugh. Talk. You are more likely to get a better understanding the candidate if you are in a natural and relaxed environment. There is no need to scare the candidate and make them feel intimidated. That will only make the hiring process harder for you and you won’t get a real, personal look at them.

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