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6 Instagram Hacks For Better Stories

There is no doubt that Instagram stories are the new and improved way to reach an audience for influencers or businesses. Over 300 million people use and view Instagram stories every day. They have even become so popular that it led to a 15% decrease in Snapchat story users in 2017. There really is no downside to using Instagram stories to help promote yourself, your business and your message. If you are new to Instagram stories or you just want to learn some new techniques to make your posts stick out we have listed 6 ways to up your Instagram story game below.

Highlight your favorite story moments on your profile - Have a story you want to keep up for longer that 24 hours? You can now highlight live or archived stories so that they will show up right under your bio on your profile. To highlight a story, go to your profile and click the “+” button under your bio, your archived stories will pop up and all you have to do is select and title your “highlight” then choose add and the story will be displayed right on your profile.

Perfectly match colors/text to your photo - To get the perfect colored text to match other objects or colors in your stories photo, click on the writing tool at the top right corner and select the dropper tool to the left of the color options that pop up. Move the magnifying selector to the color you wish to grab and then write or type your text. This insures that the aesthetic of your Instagram story is always on point.

Build text to span multiple stories - Give your stories an edge by building your text over multiple stories. To do this start with either your plain colored background or the photo you want to overlay text on and put the first line of text onto the photo and save this it, next upload your previously saved photo and add your next line of text and so on until you have all your desired information uploaded.

Different sized fonts - This is an easy way to draw attention to certain words/coupons/links in your story. Utilize the different font sizes offered to make the most important text bigger and more eye-catching. After typing onto your story use your two main fingers to tap on the word and make it bigger or smaller using a pinching motion.

Unlock hidden sticker options - If you’re tired of using the same location, weather, or day of the week stickers you can change their look just by clicking on the sticker. It will switch over to a different design giving you the chance to change up the vibe of your Instagram story.

Turn photos into videos - To go the extra mile to make your Instagram stories stand out then you might want to check out Adobe Spark Post for IOS and desktop. This free app allows you turn your regular photo into a quick 4 second video with animated text. First download the Adobe Spark Post app and choose the “+” symbol to upload the image your text will go over, scroll over until you find the Instagram story option and press done. Double tap to add your text and customize your color, size and font. Now you’re ready to animate your text. Tap effects and choose an animation to open up a whole new world of Instagram stories.

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