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Top 7 Video Editing Apps

In today’s world, especially in the world of Social Media, everything is edited. It’s a rare find when we come across something unedited or something with #NoFilter. It’s easy enough to take a photo, throw a filter on it and call yourself a semi-pro photographer. But if you really want to impress and wow your family, co-workers, friends, Romans, Countrymen, show them/post a video that you edited. With there being an app for everything these days, when it comes to video editing, that’s no exception. It’s not the hardest thing to do, just a little time, effort and patience, you, too can become a video editing hero. To get the ball rolling, we have researched and found some of the top video editing apps that you can use right on your phone. So, slide your camera into video mode, charge up your GoPro, and get to editing!

1. iMovie

Most widely known to iPhone users, simply due to the fact that we’ve all seen it on our computers. It’s easy to use and great for editing videos, easy transfers from phone to laptop/computer. Free in app store. Also available in an app for iPad.

2. Quik

Capable of editing your videos & photos that you take on your phone or GoPro. Since it seems that almost everyone has a GoPro these days, this makes it quick and easy to upload your videos and photos, give them a quick edit, add the perfect music and add them to your social media platforms. Free in the app store

3. Magisto

Three words: Simple, Simple, Simple. This app is basic: edit your videos, add some music on top, and call it a day. Nothing fancy, just very straight forward, like everything else should be. Also, it’s free in the App Store

4. CuteCut

Advance drawing tools to allow easy ability to draw on clips. Great for high quality audio-video support and overlay. Cute Cut is free in the app store. You can get Cute Cut Pro, however, for $5.99 in the app Store

5. Splice

Similar to Quik, but mostly for videos. You can upload videos and edit them the same way with the same excellent outcome and finesse of your desktop, but done from your mobile device. Sweet transitions, slow motion, and much more. “It’s never been easier to edit like a pro on the go.” – apple store. Free in the app store

6. Cameo

Created by the people at Vimeo. The Cameo app delivers very nice editing abilities while being easy and basic for the newest of video editors. Free in the app store.

7. Stop Motion Studio

The video editing app to truly show off your millennial skills… or for the non-millennial to show off your tech savvy genius! Found in the App store for free, Stop Motion Studio Pro, one easy payment of $4.99.

Now that you have all of this knowledge and power on where to begin with your video editing, what’s the excuse, video your next vacation and create a fun movie to show at the next family gathering!

You’ll thank us later.

Live long, and edit on.

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