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Business Blogging

Many successful companies utilize blogging as a tool. Some people may wonder, why blogs? Blogs are a great way for businesses to share valuable content as well as gain vital information from other similar businesses. A blog can also help drive traffic to your website and that traffic equals more leads and most likely, more business.

Huffpost has recently shared some great examples on their 10 top small business blogs to follow which includes Harvard Business Review and a few surprising blogs like FedEx Small Business Center, defiantly worth a look!

There are multiple dos and don’ts to keep in mind if your business is stepping into the world of blogging. Below are some helpful tips to consider.

According to Entrepreneur Online, one of the top two deadly sins of business blogging is not doing it at all (or not doing it frequently enough). While blogging may feel like a waste of time and effort and very low on the list of important objectives for running your business, it’s important to remember that it is a vital tool that will help to attract attention and new business. Try creating a blogging schedule to help with consistency and accountability. Planning topics and content in advance can take away the stress of creating new content of the fly.

So now that you’re committed to blogging on a regular basis, make sure you’re creating interesting content. No one will read your blog If you are putting out content that is boring or offering nothing of value to your readers. How-to’s, tutorials, up-to-date and socially-relevant information will be key when appealing to your readers. Above all, keep branded it relevant to your business!

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