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Inexpensive Props for Stock Photos

Finding props can be stressful and expensive for your business, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Props can make a huge difference for IMPROVING stock photos and can make them look clean and crisp instead of messy. Gather some inspo, whether it’s from another blogger or business, and start planning your stock photos with props in mind. We’ve compiled a list of great places to shop for props for your styled photos on a budget.

1. Michaels- Michaels is by far the best place to find nick knacks for props! They have everything you would need. Let your creative side take a dive and go for party supplies, frames, vases, anything you can imagine! Make sure you go into this with a theme so your props aren’t all mismatched. Also, Michaels always has a money saving coupon code that can be found online use.

2. Target- The dollar section at Target can be your best friend. No joke. You can find inexpensive office supplies, party supplies and anything else you could want for photo props. Adding a few stationary pieces like pens and pencils can fill empty space for your stock photos. Buy $1 cutesy confetti and scatter it around your focus props to add some flare.

3. Your Home- Your house is also filled with things that can make a world’s difference in the quality of your stock photos. And better yet, these are free! Use your phone or laptop to add something to a workspace shot. These little things personalize your stock photos and help your audience connect and engage with you. Even things from your kitchen, like wine glasses, coffee mugs and mason jars to jazz up your photos.

These three places will help you to get your stock photos ready to go without spending tons of money. THE BEST thing is that what you buy can be used over and over again in different photos! Go check out some bloggers on Instagram and see what they’re using to get some inspo!

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