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Compare the Pixels: Smart Phone Camera Comparison

Goodbye digital camera hello smartphone. The high quality cameras on smartphones have brought a whole new meaning to convenience when it comes to capturing a photo. This is especially true for businesses running social media accounts.

With several smartphones on the market with highly pixelated cameras, were breaking it down to the top two to see which smartphone takes the best photo.

iPhone 8 Plus vs. Google Pixel 2

Both the iPhone 8 Plus and Google Pixel 2 have 12-megapixel lenses in their back cameras and the popular portrait mode feature; but when it comes to the front camera, the Google Pixel 2 wins. With a front camera of 8-megapixels, the Google Pixel 2 captures a slightly better selfie than the iPhone 8 Plus, with only a 7-megapixel camera.

Despite the selfies, the iPhone 8 Plus came out on top in comparison of every photo feature. The iPhone took the gold for portrait mode, zoom, exposure, and overall detail. Google Pixel 2 had some advantages when it comes to flash and low light, but overall the iPhone 8 Plus has the best camera out of all the smartphones.

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