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How to use Instagram to Attract More Leads

Instagram is one of the best tools you can

use to help grow your business. According to Neil Patel of Quicksprout, Instagram is the fastest growing social media and the one with the most user engagement. Instagram has over 200 million users, 15x more user engagement than Facebook and 40x more engagement than twitter! Use this to your advantage.

Tips on attracting leads through Instagram:

  • Know who you are targeting beforehand.

  • Ask yourself; who’s attention do I want to attract?

  • What does this person value?

  • What do they do on a regular basis?

  • Make your profile clear.

  • Make sure your Instagram page reflects your brand the way you want to be seen.

  • Let your viewers know what they will gain from your Instagram.

  • For example, below is the Hannah Schneider Creative Instagram page. Right off the bat, from the bio, you can see exactly what HSC is and the pictures reflect that.

  • Hashtags are very important.

  • Be creative

  • Don’t go overboard. According to Hootsuite blogger Evan LePage even 5 hashtags are too many.

  • Use hashtags unique to your brand as well as general hashtags that are related to the post.

  • Below is an example of a great collection of hashtags used by Salt & Vine, a Nashville wine bar.

  • Make sure your image quality is on point.

  • 67% of customers say image quality is extremely important for choosing a product.

  • Below is an example on Egg Shop’s Instagram. Even the view of the food on the iPhone is super crisp and clear.

  • Timing is key. When is your target market looking at their Instagram?

  • This mostly depends on what type of business your Instagram is promoting and who your target market is.

  • According to 50% of social media managers, the majority of users are looking at their Instagram between the hours of 7pm and 9pm

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