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How to Use Twitter Moments for Business

Twitter is still a great social media tool for businesses that shouldn’t be forgotten just because social media platforms have expanded. With the rise of snapchat and Instagram’s captivating storytelling features, Twitter has also rolled out a way to share on Twitter through “Twitter Moments. Twitter Moments is a way to tell a story though a collection of tweets and can be a fun way for businesses to engage their audience.

Moments make it easy for to users to create a slideshow of curated tweets that marketers can use to tell a story about their brand in an exciting and attractive way. Twitter has made it easy to curate and string together content for moments. Users can share a wide variety of content you can display in a moment including videos GIFS, links, photos and infographics.

Creating a moment is very simple to do, within you Twitter profile, you will see a Twitter Moment link, here you can title you moment, add a description, add tweets to your moment. You can also choose a cover image.

Twitter moments can be beneficial for businesses and brands. Below are six tips for using moments for branding purposes:

1. Recycle your best tweets – Twitter’s news feed moves very fast and tweets can get lost in the giant see of content. With moments, you can recycle those tweets and display them in a presentation that can be re-shared multiple times, revitalizing older tweets.

2. Showcase a brand related hashtag to leverage social proof – have your company encourage your followers to use a hashtag that is relevant to your brand. You can capture those tweets and let your fans tell a story about your product or service.

3. Pin them to the top of your profile – Every account has the ability to pin a tweet to the top of their profile. Selecting a moment as your pinned tweet puts it in the prime spot for viewers to see

4. Build up your event – Use moments to capture these tweets about an upcoming event you are hosting. Put them in chronological order and display them in an order to tell the story behind the event from your brand’s perspective.

5. Promote a new launch – Use moments to showcase your company’s top digital content surrounding the launch all in one exciting presentation

6. Share them in your blogs and on your website – Moments can be embedded into a blog post and your website which is a great way to get even more eyes on it.

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