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4 Instagram Story Hacks

Instagram stories, the 15-second-long, disappearing stories, that are now more popular than Snapchat. Over 200 million people use the feature EVERY DAY! To compete with Snapchat, Instagram has been releasing loads of new features like selfie stickers, “hands-free” mode, and more! If you’re wanting to brand yourself using Instagram stories is so important and to stay up to date on social media. Instagram stories are a great place to show off your brand’s personality, whether it is for your personal or business. These 4 hacks will keep your Instagram stylin’ and your followers will be dying to know how you have such blogger worthy stories.

1. Drop Shadow Effects with Text.

Looking to add a little umph to your Instagram stories? This hack allows you to create a shadow effect on your text and gives your stories a more dimensional feel. Tap the “Aa” icon and write out your message in one color. Next, tap the “Aa” icon again and write out the same message using a different color. Arrange the top layer over the text slightly off-center so that it looks 3-dimensional.

2. Solid Background Color.

This color trick is useful when you want to share a lot of texts or drawing rather than videos or photos! You can make the background any color you like and can add any text, stickers, or filters. Tap the pen icon in the right-hand corner of the screen and select a color. Then, hold onto the screen for 1-3 seconds and the screen will fill with a solid color.

3. Make Live Photos into Boomerangs.

Live photos are an awesome feature on the latest iPhone updates, but what use can you really get out of them? By uploading a live photo onto your Instagram story you can turn it into a Boomerang! All you have to do is upload the photo and force touch until it loads and it automatically becomes a Boomerang.

4. Access Full Color Wheel.

Trying to find a specific color, but the minimal options don’t have it when you upload a story to edit? Good news! You can access the full color wheel by selecting any color from the basic choices. Then, press on the color and move thumb up and you have loads of shades to choose from!

It’s always so much fun to play around with Instagram stories and find new ways to make your page personal. Color pops can make a huge difference on your stories and you can get creative in so many different ways. Let your imagination roll because sky’s the limit!

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