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How to Flat Lay Like a Boss

You know that feeling of moving all over and bending over backwards -- all just to get the perfect shot? Then, your shots turn out like a clustered mess? Rest assured, we have all been there. There are little tips and tricks that make all the difference in the quality of your photos and which can make you look like the new blogger we’re all obsessed with. Whether you are wanting to capture your latest makeup haul, dinner plate, or OOTD we have some key tricks to help you achieve the perfect flat lay.

1. Lighting is Everything. Lighting can mean the difference in a photo being ‘gram worthy or trash worthy. Natural lighting is the best lighting to use for flat lays. You don’t need heavy duty camera equipment for this. Use your bedroom window and pick a time of the day where the sun hits perfectly and doesn’t cause an overcast of shadows.

2. Background. There are no rules for what your flat lay background can be. Go to your nearest craft store and find prints that you like and can use as your backdrop. Even the simplest white poster board can work as a crisp, clean background to make your featured products pop.

3. Color Scheme. Choosing a color scheme is of upmost importance. You don’t want to have a variety of colors and prints that throw off what you’re trying to feature. Nothing ruins a flat lay more than photos that don’t work in harmony with each other. Stick to your chosen color scheme.

4. Organization is Key. Your objects you’re featuring need to have some organized layout. Using your grid on your iPhone can really help this process. The squares on the grid give you a good spacing for whatever you are photographing. You don’t want to have multiple large pieces in your photo, as it can cause a messy flat lay and distraction.

5. #NoFilter. Apps can be the key to the final touches on your flat lay. There are a multitude of apps you can download for free once you figure out what filters work best for your picture. Even the slightest brightening of a flat lay can make a world’s worth of difference. While picking a filter requires trial and error, once you find the perfect one you can adjust the exposure and contrast for final touches.

There isn’t one perfect way to take a flat lay, but these five tips will help you master the job at hand. If you aren’t flat laying on Instagram, then you’re not doing the ‘gram right.

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