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Why Good Copy Matters

Today, businesses must populate their various accounts with strong writing. To succeed in the social media sphere, THIS is not always the easiest task. Not everyone who runs a social media account deems themselves a writer. The good news is that social media copy should not really be complex. Learning how to write good social media content matters, and it’s worth your time investment to work and get it right.

Each social media post conveys a message about the business’ brand to their followers. A well-written post paints a picture to the audience and communicates what they have to say or show is valuable. If a social media post is disorganized, it reflects badly on A business and can hurt its rapport with customers. It reflects that you might be lazy and sloppy.

We have come up with a four reasons why good social media copy matters and how it can be a powerful source for your brand.

1. Good Copy Sells. It entertains the reader and wants them to come back for more. They are compelled to read every word written and are eager to read more.

2. Good Copy Creates a Bond with Followers. If your followers feel as though you are talking to them, they will want to keep coming back to your page. The followers are the number one driven force when it comes to writing good copy. Adhere it to them, and they will feel as if you are talking to them directly.

3. Good Copy Makes People Want. Assume you are getting ready to launch a new product or introduce something noteworthy for or about your company. You want your followers to be eager to see the features and benefits of this big launch. You want them to not just want this, but to have to have this. List out those advantages, and tell the followers why they can’t go without it.

4. Good Copy Separates You from Others. And by “others” we mean your competition. Good copy allows you to make a name for your brand. Companies should know how to list why something is special, why you should have it, but this needs to be conveyed with fun, catchy taglines that draw your followers’ attention. The guy next door can write something along the lines of, “Join our gym today. We’re the best,” but you can write something better, “Earn your pasta tonight. Join today.”

There you go: Four reasons why you should be creative and think outside the box. This will take practice. Go look at other businesses and what they are doing. Check out the competition, see what is working or not working for them. Work hard to perfect your copywriting.

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