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5 Tips for Social Media to Improve Your Search Ranking

What is the correlation between your social media activities and your ranking on search engines? Whether it is for personal or business use, this correlation is of extreme importance. Search engines assume that the more shares and followings a post has, the more useful and important they are. People don’t just use Google to look things up; nowadays, people are using social media channels to find what they are looking for. Social media platforms have opened a new world of exploring and telling people’s stories. But how can you get people to see your story? Your social media content is just like your website content. Use of multiple social channels gives your business multiple opportunities to keep people engaged.

1. Grow your numbers in followers. Now, don’t think that buying 100,000 followers online will change your search rank. Search engines are able to detect this. Keep it organic. Though it may take time, in the end it will pay off. To be effective, you must present your brand individually and consistently.

2. Engage your followers and prospects. Encourage your social media followers to do something. Give them a specific call to action. Whether it is sharing your post, commenting, or clicking a link, this will ultimately keep people interested. If you are not telling them to do something, it is less likely your page will be shared to gain more followers, which ultimately leads better search rank.

3. Brand yourself. Whether it is your profile picture or a post, consistency is essential. Your brand is the most important part to your social media messaging. Keep it unique and consistent so that you, your brand, and your message will be easily recognized and appealing.

4. Use key words. Keywords are not only important for your website or campaigns, but they also play a big part in your social media profiles. Whether you are posting about food, hair products, fitness, or whatever, you like you must have keywords that bring people to your page.

5. Write stellar content. Above all else, if you want to achieve the four objectives above, write stellar content! Make it engaging and shareable so that people want their social network to see it and share with others.

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