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6 Layouts For Your Insta Feed

Instagram has over 600 million users. According to softpedia, 400 million of those users are active every day. Setting your Instagram apart from the masses is tough, yet infinitely possible! There are so many creative ways to utilize the platform to your advantage. The most important factors are: making it aesthetically pleasing, keeping a consistent visual theme/pattern/color scheme, and being different. We’ve tapped into several ways to help you get the most engaging Instagram layout, no matter what your brand or personal message is.

Here are 6 ways to step up your Instagram layout!

1. Color Coordinated Layouts


Choosing one color to represent your Instagram page is tough, but it’s the ideal way to go with a color coordinated layout. Choose a color that is vibrant and sure to reel people into your page, whether a stranger finds you through the explore page or is simply scrolling. With a color coordinated layout, you may also use multiple colors. We recommend up to four. If you have your heart set on using two, three, or four colors, be sure to choose one color as your focal color and make the others accent colors. For example: if you choose yellow as your primary color and pink as your secondary, then always have a yellow object or background as the focal point in every photo. This way your layout maintains consistency.

2. Bright Layouts


With a bright colored layout, you’re not limited to one color...but you do need to choose colors that pop. We recommend choosing bright colors with high saturation or any light pastel colors. Neon colors will do, but you must make sure it’s cohesive with your layout and the color scheme doesn’t clash with it. The perk of a bright color layout is that it’s fun! Fun to organize, fun to look at, and fun to scroll through.

3. Filtered Layouts


Filters, filters, filters...what would we do without them? I honestly can’t remember a time before filters, it was so long ago (cue twilight zone music). Seriously though, filters are key! If you want a filtered layout, the most important thing to remember is to stick with the same filter for every single post. With this layout, your filter is your trademark. When your followers scroll through their timeline, they’ll be able to visually identify you by it. It’s simple, and easy to maintain. It sets a tailored mood for your audience and keeps a clean, consistent look.

4. White Border Layouts


This layout is no stranger to avid Instagram users. Most of us have scrolled through a page that’s designed with standard white borders, but there are so many other ways to utilize it! Tailor your own border. Pick from a slew of options like a standard square, lining around each photo, a more rectangular feel, or get creative and find your own design! The perk of the white border is your layout will look consistent and clean, no matter what the pictures are of.

5. White Background Layouts


A white background layout can take some work. You have to make sure a majority of each photo has a white background. The subject/object in each photo becomes the focal point with this choice, so it’s important to take a nice and clean shot of it. Lighting is also key here! We recommend natural light so that each photo isn’t highly saturated with effects/filters in the editing process. It takes some time and planning for the perfect white background photos, but once you get it right the photos and layout are a hit.

6. Black and White Layouts


When I think of Instagram, I think of pictures with vivid colors and activity in each photo. Yet, As soon as I scroll through a layout that’s solely black and white...I become intrigued. Especially when the photos have high-resolution and the subjects/objects are captivating. There are several ways to make a black and white layout pop. Apps like BlackCam provide many black and white filters you can use to switch the feeling of each shot. You can also play with angles, silhouettes, styles of shooting/editing, and other creative ways to make your photos stand out.

We’ll be bringing you more clever ways to step up your Instagram soon. Stay tuned.

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