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#Hashtag Secrets

Let’s be honest: hashtagging can be a pain. All that keyboard switching to find the pesky octothorpe (which is what we all know it as, I’m sure…), typing all those weird, incoherent word mash-ups that send the auto-correct into a full-blown tizzy? Urgh!

Well fret no more, here’s a tip to make your social media life that little bit easier.

Do you ever use text replacement shortcuts when texting? Me neither. I thought it was something Apple built in to IOS as a way of messing with your unsuspecting parents when they type “I luv you” and instead get “I luv Ed Sheeran for his acting, not his music”. Which is brilliant, by the way.

But what if you used them instead to replace a keyword with relevant hashtags for your posts? Follow along with the steps to see how to do it

​1. Use the Notes app on your iPhone to write out the relevant hashtags and copy them to the clipboard.

2. Now go into your settings. In the General section, you’ll see the Keyboard tab. Keep scrolling down, it’s there.

3. Hit Text Replacement and then the little + in the top right hand corner.

4. Tap the Phrase box and tap the cursor to paste your copied hashtags in there.

5. Then tap the Shortcut cursor below and think of a keyword to use for that collection of hashtags. Best to use something that you’ll remember but won’t actually type in day-to-day texting.

Want to take it a step further? Try organizing your hashtags into groups. Have a group for general interiors, one for coffee, one for food, and so on, with a keyword for each and add them to your posts as necessary.

Happy Tagging!

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