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6 iPhone Photography Tips to Get the Best Shot

Photography isn’t just left to the professionals anymore. Thanks to the trusty smart phone, everyone has the ability to take a photo, anytime, anywhere. And that is exactly why you need to make your photos stand out from the crowd and speak up for your brand! Here’s a few simple tips to turn everyday photography into professional works of art.

1. Clean the lens!

The simplest tip and definitely the most overlooked. Our smart phones suffer from all kinds of physical abuse throughout the day and all that contact will leave its marks. A fingerprint on the lens can result in blurry, grainy photos and by the time you notice the problem, the moment is gone. Don’t miss the shot! Take a second to clean that camera lens!

2. Turn on HDR:

High Dynamic Range AKA HDR blends the best parts of 3 separate exposures into a single photo. This is extremely helpful in situations when lighting is not ideal such as very sunny days with harsh shadows, or when you are trying to capture more detail in shots like sunset pictures.

In iPhone settings > “Photos & Camera” make sure “Keep Normal Photo” is on, so when you take an HDR picture, it will save two pictures: HDR and normal. You might regret turning “Keep Normal Photo” off, because sometimes the HDR makes mistakes when the phone or the subject is moving.

3. Turn on the Grid


While you are checking your iPhone settings for HDR mode, go ahead and turn on the “Grid” option on the camera settings. This will bring a light grid up on your camera screen, helping you line your pictures up straight and helping you use the rule of thirds when composing your shots!

4. Don’t Use iPhone Zoom

iPhone zoom is not real zoom! My biggest pet peeve is when people use iPhone zoom when taking a picture, because you can’t undo it! IPhone zoom is digital zoom that just crops in on a picture; compared to optical zoom on a DSLR or even a point and shoot that has a lens that physically zooms in.

Instead of zooming in on your iPhone pictures, take your picture without zoom and then crop as necessary afterwards, so it will be reversible.

5. Utilize Burst Mode for Action Shots

When trying to capture the perfect jumping shot or any other sort of action shot, burst mode is your best friend. There is not a certain button or setting to turn on burst mode, to use it you just keep pressing down on the shutter button during the duration of the action you are capturing. When you are done with your burst, you can choose your the best shot(s) from the “select” button on the bottom of the burst picture!

6: Tapping Tricks:

Tap to Focus: helpful for macro / close up shots or shots where your phone just can’t decide where to focus!

Tap and Hold: to lock focus and exposure: for advanced shots

Tap and Drag up or down: to increase or decrease exposure for a brighter or darker shot, respectively

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