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Understanding Twitter Analytics

If you’re not using Twitter analytics, then you are missing the boat when it comes to creating content your followers will love! Sure, all of those charts and graphs may look overwhelming at first glance, but they hold a vast wealth of information showing you all the intimate deets about your audience. Let us break it down for you tab by tab:


My, how you’ve grown!

Twitter analytics does a great job of helping you track growth with their 28-day summary. These little squiggly lines give you the low down on how many tweets, tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions and followers you’ve lost or gained compared to the previous 28-day period. You can use this info to see if your account has been blowing your followers’ minds or falling flat. Then adjust your content accordingly for better results over the next 28 days.

Your Monthly

Under the Home tab you’ll also find your top tweets, top mentions, top follower, and top media tweet broken down on a month by month basis. This will also tell you what your stats for growth were. Checking the month to month break down will show you if something worked one month that maybe didn’t work so well the next.


Are you active?

Want to know which tweets are rocking people’s socks? This is where it starts to get SUPER detailed. Under the Tweets Tab you’ll find the impressions, engagements, and engagement rate for that same 28-day period we’ve been talking about this time broken down by day and by each individual tweet. There are also handy colored coded charts on the right side displaying your engagement rates, link clicks, retweets, like and replies.


Get to know your followers…intimately

I like to think of this as the creepy stalker tab, but in a good way. Under this tab is where you’ll find all of the nitty gritty down and dirty details about your followers. You can learn what their interests are, what kinds of jobs they have, marital status, income, buying style, education level, if they own a house, what kind of cars they buy, political party affiliation, and more! Basically, Twitter probably knows more about your followers than their own mothers do!

Do you feel like a stalker yet?

All of these charts can put you right inside the heads of your followers, so put this information to good use by tailoring your content to their needs, wants, and their interests. Then sit back and watch your engagement grow!


It’s a date!

Feeling like an overachiever and want to get ahead on your creating your content for the next week, month, or even the next year!? The events tab can help you build your upcoming content around popular events, sports, and movies happening around the world. It can even show you recurring trends with popular hashtags that will get you right into the thick of conversation on Twitter.

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