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Pinterest Decoded!

This social media platform can be viewed as an endless sea of nothing—you can spend hours upon hours pinning, liking and creating new boards that are visually appealing, yet gai

ning no traction.

We’re here to decode this cryptic platform and get you optimizing and monetizing one pin at a time!


Pinterest seems to be all the buzz for businesses these days and if you’re still not sure why here are the main reasons:

  1. Pinterest can drive more traffic to your website in a much more direct and concentrated way than any other social platform.

  2. It can help increase your SEO ranking on Google through your use of key words on your Pinterest account and pins.

  3. All other social media have a short time frame for when the content you post is active and visible—Pinterest increases the longevity of your social media content, which means it has a better chance of reaching a greater audience!

  4. Conversion! Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic to your site which is more likely to result in sales. Tools like Rich Pins allow for product placement with active links and live pricing and will take users directly to the product to buy!


  • Business Name: Use line separators (column symbol) for your key words

  • About Your Section: Write it in a way to include your keyword in 2-3 times. Put a bitly link to something that gives your followers incentives ie: link to site, link to e-book, link to discount, etc.

  • Board Name: Don’t be cutesy with your key words in your board names – think logically what would people be searching? Same key word in your board name should be in your board descriptions!

  • Board Descriptions: Make sure you include links in your board descriptions! Link to your resources on your website where they can get more information that is directly related to the topics in your board.

  • Pin Descriptions: Avoid ‘salesy’ captions, use proper grammar and punctuation and use your key words and provide link directly in descriptions to what your pin is about.

  • Add line separators in the caption Branding tips description this is a good way to infuse key words into your copy. Example: Hannah Schneider Creative [Symbol] Creative Agency [Symbol]New York City


  • Do not use hashtags! Despite hashtags being a social media essential, Pinterest is not hashtag driven platform! It is in fact keyword driven, so focus more on the language you are using and make sure to link your key words throughout your pins, boards and profile to optimize your SEO.

  • Think of Pinterest as a search engine more than social platform—it will help influence the way you approach it, which should be different to Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

  • Unlike on most other platforms--key word stuffing is OK on Pinterest! Use your key word multiple times! Try to use it 2-3 times especially in your full business name but be creative in how you go about it, there are ways to do this without look ‘spammy’ Line separators and creative phrasing will be your best friends!

  • Every social channel has image dimensions to suit their feeds. Only pin high quality images that fit within these specifications—at the end of the day it is a visual platform, so make sure it’s pretty! Ideal Pixels: 600 X 900 pixels 800 X 1200 pixels

  • Request membership to ‘group boards’. These are essentially shared boards with other relevant industry people. (Yasss!) that means anyone who gets added as a contributor can upload content to it. This is an awesome way to get your branded content out there and your business in front of a massive number of users.

See y’all it’s not so scary, so follow these tips and start pinning smarter! For more info or any questions contact

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