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Vacay Photo Essentials!

As the temperature plummets, we grow the need to migrate to photo-worthy locations where the drinks are flowing and the sand is hot. However, just because you’re in a place that’s envy inducing, doesn’t mean you get free-reign to be that one person who floods our Instagram feed with irrelevant pics of your legs looking like tanned hot dogs.

Here’s our guide to snapping the best vacation shots:

The Airport’s a Must!

Everybody loves a good travel pic, so posting an action shot from the airport of you about to start your journey can be super appealing to your followers. A cute luggage shot, or your lay-over cocktail and boarding pass is a definite yes in our book.

Be Selective:

Nobody wants to see every bikini option you’ve brought with you. There’s no harm in a poolside shot, but keep it classy and make the amazing setting the focus.

Food Goals

We all love a good food pic, especially when it’s exotic! If your nails are bright and the island accessories are stacked high, then a good tip is to place your hand in the frame. This will add an extra element to the photo and make it more engaging for your followers.

Make Memories

Vacations are when we venture out of our comfort zones, so make sure you capture the moments you know you’re going to want to remember! An action shot of you scuba diving or trekking through the rainforest can be incredibly inspiring and are great to look back on when you return to your normal routine.

Get Candid

Don’t be afraid to ask a local to snap a shot of you in the markets, or walking on the beach, these types of images are whimsical, authentic and can capture your reaction to experiencing a new place, which is something your followers will appreciate.

We can’t wait to see your vacation pics – please email if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the biz!

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