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Flat-Lay All Day!

It seems everywhere on social media these days we’re flooded with another creative way to display eclectic mixes of food, fashion, objects and basically anything that looks good from a birds-eye view.

If you’re like us, you will know that these deceivingly simplistic pics are actually quite hard to snap, so here is a step-by-step on how to achieve the perfect flat-lay!

Pick Your Mix:

Not everything is going to look good next to each other! Have a few main items that you want to highlight and add in ‘filler’ objects. These ‘filler’ objects can be found anywhere. Think creatively: food, jewelry, a funky water bottle, sunglasses, a coffee cup, the sky’s the limit. However, it is important to note the key is to not overdo it and keep your general theme and color scheme consistent.

Less is More:

There is a difference between basic and boring. Especially when it comes to flat-lays. Keeping them simple is actually a good thing! Choose an understated background to allow the objects to speak for themselves. Plain white backgrounds allow colorful items to pop and keep the overall image clean. Wooden floors can give your photo a rustic, urban feel, while neutral-toned fur rugs can add texture and subtle background detail.

Insider Hack:

For problem items that roll around or won’t stay in place - add Silly Putty or Blu- Tack to anchor them down.

Chase the Sun:

Snap your photo during the day to keep your lighting soft and natural, and always try to minimize shadows and oversized silhouettes by considering where you shoot them and how you lay them out.

Side note!

To keep your pic from looking too stagnant incorporate organic elements, a hand grasping a cup, a cute puppy etc. Think outside the box, these simple additions can make a world of difference.

Snap It:

The flat-lay requires a bird’s eye camera angle. The best way to get a good overhead shot is with a step stool or chair. Also keep in mind what platform you are uploading the picture to so you can crop and shoot it accordingly. For example, position your items to look good in a square format for Instagram. Remember, like most things these days it is all about trial and error. Play around with positioning and start training your eye to see the most visually appealing angle. Practice makes perfect!

Finally, post and bask in the beauty of your visual creation!

Please comment us with any questions or for more advice contact

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