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PR + marketing
social media management

  • Strategic and researched content for social media platforms

  • Brand personality reflected in design aesthetic and conversation  

  • Tracking of hash tags and online mentions specific to your brand, location, services, competition, influencers and industry leaders 

  • Build relationships and create conversation with target audience

  • Efficient and timely response to posts and questions from customers, fans and followers

  • Influencer outreach and management

  • Thoughtful press materials

  • Expert media relations

  • Development and evaluation of logos, branding and collateral

  • Industry introductions and partnerships

  • Identify and engage with social influencers

  • Stay on top of trends to engage in conversation, creating a platform and opportunity to be positioned as an industry leader

  • Conceptualize and promote events that generate buzz and interest

  • Restaurant branding and concept

  • Chef selection and menu tastings

  • Beverage program development

  • Key employee training and recommendations

  • Front of house operations and policies

  • Food styling

  • Social media photography

  • Interior and exterior

  • Artistic creation and direction

  • Visually engaging photos

Services Offered:


  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Influencer Coordination

  • Client Outreach

  • Secured Posts and Site Visits

  • Brand Collaborations

influencer marketing
hospitality consulting
photography + art direction
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