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HSC Reads: The One Minute Manager

Managing people is easier said than done. With a managerial role come smore responsibility and accountability while leading a team. The One Minute Manager details three tools that will help you change your management style for the better. Whether you were recently promoted or have been managing people for some time, this book will help you throughout your career.

Tool 1: Set three goals for each of your employees, which you can review in one minute or less.

Communication is key when it comes to managing a team. A lot of problems in the office stem from lack of communication, which is preventable. A lot of times when you start a new job you arrive, meet the team, sit down, and you’re given a bunch of miscellaneous tasks. Nobody ever goes into detail about what your actual responsibilities will be. How great would it be if someone sat you down right from the get-go and you made a list together? Laying out various responsibilities and then turning them into goals is key. These goals should be specific and be able to be reviewed in 60 seconds or less.

Tool 2: Right after an employee does a good job, take 60 seconds to praise their work.

Managers are busy. Not only do they have their work load, but also the responsibility of all employees under them. A lot of times what people haven’t done is brought to the table. If a task isn’t complete, the manager will take the time to call out the employee who didn’t finish their work; however, a good manager always makes time to tell their employees when they have done a good job. This task, like Step 1, should only take 60 seconds.

Right after someone does a great job, tell them what they did well and give a specific example. Positive feedback for even the smallest of wins is important for any employee.

Tool 3: If you’re dissatisfied with someone’s work, let them know with a one-minute reprimand.

Positive feedback doesn’t take long, and nor should expressing your dissatisfaction with someone’s performance. Very similar to the 60 seconds of praise, you should reprimand right after a mistake was made. Be sure to be very specific and to show no hard feelings. Include a note of appreciation so that it doesn’t feel as though they are doing an awful job.

Although we have laid out the gist of the book, it’s definitely worth a read if you are stepping into or currently in a manager role. This book details out examples of how to use these tools and why they are so important.

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