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6 Photography Trends We're Loving Right Now

As trends come and go, it’s important to stay on top of them. We can be sure that photography isn’t going anywhere; with the earliest photos taken 187 years ago, we’ve since taken many strides in the world of photography. Below are a few photog trends that we’re loving in 2019.

Supporting social causes with photos; from sharing photos of a march or protest to removing the use of plastic straws in restaurants. Sharing photos that promote a social or environmental cause allow people to share their opinions about things that are going on in the world in a creative way. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Another trend we’re loving is candid lifestyle shots. In the past, it was customary to take photos of still life items often with just the product in the frame. People are now becoming more involved in their photos making them look more realistic. Looking directly into the camera no longer looks genuine, the “candid” look is now flooding our feeds.

One trend that we find very helpful in the social media industry is the vertical photo trend. More and more people are taking their photos in portrait mode which is optimal for sharing on mobile devices. With vertical photography, you’re able to fill the entire mobile screen with your beautiful content. Vertical photos are also essential if you wish to have success with Instagram Stories and IGTV.

In the past year we’ve been seeing more vibrant colors in photography. Pantone released their color of the year Living Coral and we’ve already begun to see it used with many brands. Vibrant colors are eye-catching, they make even the simplest photos stand out from the rest. For the last three years Pantone has chosen bright colors for the color of the year; Shutterstock color trend forecast for 2019 includes UFO green, Plastic Pink and Proton Purple, also similar to the previous three years of Pantone colors.

We know that everything makes a comeback eventually. Nostalgia brands are going to be very prevalent in photography in 2019. Brands like Adidas released 90’s trainers and many other brands are bringing back their 80’s products making them new again. Kodak re-released its Ektachrome color reversal film and it is likely that we will see filters on social media to mimic this type of film photography. Polaroid and film photography are coming back in a big way; however, they are limited from social media sharing. For that reason, it is likely we will see some way to re-create these types of media on our smartphones.

Our last trend is mixed media in photography. This year we’re likely to see more collages and zine culture on our timelines. Graphic Design is becoming much more prevalent in the mainstream. Our photos can be transformed into a whole new masterpiece with different forms of digital art. This is a fun new way to recreate your photos or have them seen in a different way!

These trends will be exciting to watch over the course of the year. Nevertheless we know that there will be some amazing photos to come in 2019 and we can’t wait to see what trends might follow.

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