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How to Handle Rejection

Rejection. We all know the feeling. It’s discouraging and draining on a positive, can-do attitude. In a professional setting, rejection can come in many forms, such as not getting that job or new business you wanted. Maybe you weren’t able to secure a meeting with someone significant, or the brilliant new idea you thought you had got dismissed by your boss. Regardless of how rejection happens, it takes a strong will and mentality to bounce back and preserve. Here are a few tips for overcoming rejection:

Learn from it

Use rejection as an opportunity for reflection. Think about what you gained from being rejected and use it as a learning opportunity for self-growth.

Request clarification

Be sure to clear up any misunderstandings or uncertainties before accepting rejection. You will not be able to grow and learn from rejection if you are still asking yourself “why?”

Remain emotionally balanced

While the feeling of rejection is negative, try to stay positive and lighthearted. Keep your emotions in check and do not immediately act on any impulse feelings.

Don’t let it define you

Keep rejection in perspective and do not make overarching generalizations as to who you are because of the rejection. One person or group of people's opinions does not determine what you are capable of accomplishing.

Be compassionate

Do not beat yourself up after you have been rejected. Keep your inner critic and self-talk positive.

Use it as motivation

Make an action plan for change or improvement. Being rejected can act as fuel for firing up your professional skills or making that career move you’ve been dreaming about.

While the feeling of rejection is initially difficult, you can use the above steps to learn, grow, and motivate yourself to overcome rejection in a positive and healthy manner. Always remember, you are your biggest advocate!

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