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Trends We're Dropping in 2019

While each new year brings new social trends you want to try, it also makes you realize the trends you don’t want to bring with you into the New Year. We’re sharing a few social trends that we’re leaving in 2018 and why.

Lengthy Captions

Whether it’s your business or personal account, your followers are only interested in your post for a couple seconds before they’re going to scroll on past. To keep them invested, your posts need to have a clear and concise message where they can gather all the information without feeling like they’re reading a novel. If you have a post that requires a long caption, that’s okay! Just don’t make it a habit.

Clogging the Feed

Posting more isn’t always better. No one wants to scroll through their feed and feel like it’s the same account over and over again. To avoid this, limit your amount of posts per day. If you need help with this, plan ahead and use a scheduling app so you know that you’re not posting too close together and clogging your followers’ feeds.

Being Afraid of Video Content

We have gotten so comfortable with pictures and graphics that we hardly consider creating video content for our feeds. But multiple sources have said that video content is going to dominate in 2019, so you get on board before you get left behind! (Bonus points for having the courage to go live.)

Over Saturated Photos

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about using presets. They really enhance your pictures and take your feed to the next level. Over saturated pictures just came on so strong this past year that we’re ready for a new variation in presets to set in.

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