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New Apps We're Loving

#TeamHSC has rounded up some of our go-to new apps for social media and photography. Trust us, you’ll want to get these downloaded ASAP in order to stay on top of your game!

Huji – The obsession with film photography is real! It has such a unique look to it, but the process of producing film images can be inaccessible and costly – thankfully you can download Huji in the app store and get the same film effects without using a film camera. Huji is a fun photography app that mimics the effects of a film camera and saves your photos traight to your camera roll. You can even time stamp your photos with a specific or current date, just like it’s 1998 again!

Before Huji After Huji

Foodie – Let’s be real, getting the perfect food shot is an art. If you need a little help taking food photos, we recommend the Foodie app. When using Foodie, the app will give you directions on where to position your phone for the photo and makes lighting suggestions so that you can better capture the food you are photographing. Foodie also has several filters that will make your dishes look superb.

Over – Need help making a promotional post for your Instagram stories? Use Over! Over will assist you in editing and making content specific to your field, such as food and beverage. Select specific post formats, insert and edit photos, add text, etc. to make your graphics capture your audience’s attention.

Lightroom - We are tried and true lovers of Lightroom. Lightroom is a great app to let your creativity soar when editing photos. The app provides you with upgrades to purchase and we think they are well worth your money. Utilizing special editing tools and presets will up your photography game and leave everyone asking how you did it.

Grammarly – Those English lessons in elementary school were actually important, but if you dozed off in class Grammarly will help you out immensely. You can download the Grammarly app onto your phone and laptop to ensure that you are spelling correctly and using proper grammar whether it be when drafting a pitch, crafting a social media caption, or responding to your coworker’s email.

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