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Why You Should Be Using Facebook Ads

Advertising has certainly changed with the rise of Social Media. While campaigns in print and television are still important, outsourcing through social media is necessary in this day in age. One of the most crucial platforms to advertise on is Facebook, here’s why:

As of June 30, 2017 there are over 2 billion monthly userson Facebook and over 1 billion daily users. Facebook grants advertisers a window to broadcast their product or business directly from their phones.

Know Your Audience.

It is important to know your audience. Facebook is one of the most advanced platforms designed to target your audience. Through algorithms and analytics, Facebook is able to tailor users likes, interests and location to your advertisements.

Cost Efficient.

Running an advertisement in a newspaper or on television can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. With Facebook you can spend minimal money and reach thousands of users. Boosting your reach through paid promotion can seem unnecessary at first, but if you have a budget for it, we highly recommend doing so.

See your results.

It can be difficult to view results through print campaigns or traditional advertising, but with Facebook advertising you can view analytics instantly. Facebook allows you to view the total number of clicks, views, and impressions. After running one paid campaign, you will likely want to continue after seeing the results.

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