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How to Retain Long-Term Clients

Business development goes far beyond obtaining new customers. In order for your business to grow, you must not only attain new business but also retain long-term clients.

Established client relationships signify that your customers are satisfied and pleased by your performance. These clients are more likely to refer you new business as well as buy additional services from your company. But how exactly are these loyal client relationships established?

Here are 6 tips for retaining long-term clients:

Be honest.

Honesty is the best policy for maintaining fruitful client relationships. Even if you have to admit to a mistake or missed opportunity in the products or services you are offering, it is more beneficial for the long-term client relationships to be transparent and honest in order to find a resolution and nurture future growth opportunities. Establish open relationships from the start and keep lines of communication open.

Position yourself as an irreplaceable resource.

Your client has already determined that they need your product or service and likely doesn’t maintain the same level of understanding regarding your area of expertise. Educate your client and make yourself overly available, this will build trust and confidence and help them understand your side of the biz. The more value you offer, the more a client will depend on you.

Meet deadlines.

Sticking to deadlines builds your credibility as reliable and trustworthy. Failing to miss a deadline on a certain deliverable can impact the entire flow of business. Consistently meet deadlines and surpass expectations to establish a consistent and trusting relationship with your client.

Make sure you are sympatico.

One size does not fit all with professional relationships so you want to ensure that you and your client are a strong match. Whether it’s regarding expectations, open mindedness, work ethic, problem solving, or one of the other situations you will be working with your client on, you want to make sure you are on the same page from the get go.

Eliminate surprises.

By clearly laying out the terms and expectations from the start, you eliminate any room for confusion or misunderstandings. Keep lines of communication open and ask questions when necessary. There should be a clear understanding of the end goal by both parties.

Request feedback.

Promote complete transparency with your clients by encouraging consistent feedback. Understanding how your client feels about your product or service gives you the opportunity to salvage any problems or issues. Asking for feedback results in better outcomes and shows that you value your client’s opinion.

So go ahead and put these long-term client retention strategies to the test… your satisfied customer will be glad that you did.

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