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Good and Bad of Social Media

It's safe to say that we live and breath social media. I mean, what's not to love? The internet has given us instant global news, latest trends to celeb sightings and highlighting the newest dish at our favorite restaurant, all at the touch of a screen. Every person with a smartphone is able to virtually search any kind of information they need at any given time, making our lives that much easier. Not to mention networking and staying connected to those we meet somewhere along the way. While this all seems very useful, many argue that social media has some negative side effects on all of us. Here are some things to be aware while perusing your daily feed.​

One of the biggest cons of social media is information from unreliable sources, known to some as "fake news" (lol). Pretty much anyone can be a writer and publish whatever online for the world to see. Check your facts and make sure your information is coming from a reliable source.

Another negative aspect of social media is the pressure felt to live our lives just as seemingly wonderfully as all of the fashion bloggers we follow, traveling the world and eating amazing food. We all strive for this! However it's not all glitz and glam, that's just all we see online. It's important not to compare yourself to others as you see them living their best lives on Instagram, everyone's got their own story. Which ties into lack of privacy, the internet is a stage! Be careful of what you want others knowing.

Social media can be addictive, as we know. Studies have shown that people get the same dopamine nigh when someone comments, likes or retweets a post, as an addict does from a hit of cocaine. Naturally, addiction is problematic.

It’s important to have balance in your work/home life, and your virtual/reality. These are just a couple of notes to be aware of as we continue down social media lane, that we all have come to know and need. Social media is such a powerful tool that enables us to reach the masses and share concepts, ideas, imagery and our life’s work. Networking, keeping in touch and instant access to worldly news is what we’ve come to rely on; it really is a beautiful thing.

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