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Creating Shareable Content

Creating shareable content is every client's goal. The more shares that a post gains, the more views it will receive. The number of people a post reaches is important, because there will be more followers a client is more likely to gain. It can be tough to create content that your followers want to share, that is why not everyone is successful on social media. Today HSC is sharing three ways to help you create shareable content.

1. Create content that resonates with your audience.

Share your content in a way that resonates with who your followers are. Research your following to understand what kind of content they like, so you can create content that relates to them. Knowing what kind of content other accounts are creating will help keep you updated on trends and new strategies for resonating with your followers. It may even spark an original idea of your own.

2. Create content that gives an incentive to your audience.

When it comes to increasing sharable content, it is important to keep your followers happy. Incentives are a great way to give back to your following while also helping your account grow. Some incentives could include recognition, access to exclusive content, or even a prize. You can even give an official shout out to your winner in a giveaway. If this is something you try to incorporate consistently in your brand, then it is also an incentive to follow your account.

3. Create aesthetically pleasing content.

Quality content matters. If your content isn’t pleasing to look at, then it will probably not be shared. Make sure you use a high-quality camera to shoot all of your content, and post the same types of visuals consistently. This should help improve your content as well as your overall feed.

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