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The Benefits of Summer Fridays

Live everyday like it’s a Summer Friday.


We all know that three o’clock on a Friday feeling. You’re sitting at your desk with your third iced coffee of the day, struggling to get through your last expense report, but mentally you’re already sitting by the pool sipping on your favorite summer libation. Long story short, your productivity has hit an all-time low and you’ve undeniably started your weekend a bit early. Good news - you’re not the only one and companies are finally starting to take notice in a positive way.

At #TeamHSC we wrap our summer Fridays at 3:30pm, and we’re definitely not mad about it. We’ve outlined a few reasons we believe summer Fridays can benefit more than just your soul, but the company as a whole!

Boosts Employee Morale

It’s been proven that happier employees enhance office productivity. Letting employees skip out a few hours early at the end of a Friday is an easy way to reward them a for a hard week of work and boost productivity for the week ahead. In fact, it seems to be just the antidote they need to come back refreshed and ready to take on Monday.

Promotes Work Life Balance

Summer Fridays are a great way to show employees you’re concerned with more than just the bottom line, but rather their personal life as well. Employees that are happier outside of work are more prone to bring positivity and good vibes into the office. Employees are also more likely to trust their boss if they feel as though they have their best interests in mind. Summer Fridays provide upper management the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with their employees, and in turn creates a more pleasant work space.

Creates an Desirable Company and Increases Employee Retention Rates

In today’s competitive landscape, where companies are all vying for the best talent, implementing employee perks can make a company more attractive. Since not all companies have hopped on the summer Friday bandwagon, it’s a great way to not only incentivize new talent but also retain current employees. The only thing harder than finding valuable employees is keeping them, and summer Fridays are one way companies can do both.

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