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#TeamHSC: A Day In The Life!

Have you ever been curious to know what #TeamHSC actually does during the day? Well, keep on reading because we got the low down for you! We decided to do a short Q&A with some team members to give you a little look into how we run and what we do!

Q: What is the first thing you do when you arrive in the morning?

MacKenzie Osborne, Assistant Publicist: Once I take a seat at my desk in the morning, I check my emails and look at all my to-dos for the day. I write down everything that needs to be completed in my notebook. It helps me prepare for our daily morning meeting where we go through everyone’s Top of Minds for that day.

Camille Zingoni, Social Media Coordinator: My day starts the minute I sit down at my desk. After I make a list of priorities, I immediately begin engagement on my accounts. A lot can happen on Social Media between the time I clock out and in, so it is extremely important to answer every comment, message, etc. that came in the night before!

Q: How do you prioritize your Top of Minds for the day?

Kelsey Vincent, Social Media Manager: I use an office-wide tool called Basecamp to prioritize my schedule each day. The app is really helpful because it gives us a day-by-day calendar of due dates and upcoming assignments. I highly recommend using it because it keeps everyone very accountable.

Stefanie Ball, Publicist: I like to get to work about 15 minutes early so I can schedule my day out before our morning meeting. My top of minds change every single day and it depends on what my clients are creating or who is needing the most coverage for the week.

Q: After prioritizing your day, do you have meetings or shoots every morning?

Kelsey: My mornings vary from content creation, writing and analyzing reports to editing photos or researching new implementations for the social team. Some mornings I will have a photoshoot or an off-site meeting, which is always nice getting face-to-face time with our clients.

MacKenzie: In PR every day is different. Some mornings we have a TV segment or photoshoot with a publication, some mornings are spent brainstorming, and others on back-to-back phone calls with clients. Most days I am working hard on my accounts, writing pitch ideas, and working through my top of minds for the day!

Q: What about a lunch? You have to be hungry!

Corinne Coker, PR Intern: I usually bring lunch from home and eat while working. I like to get as much done as possible in the three days I’m in the office! A lot of the girls go grab lunch and bring it back to the office though. I think a fan favorite is Mas Tacos or Greko Greek Street Food in East Nashville.

Q: Hey interns – how do you usually wrap up your day?

Kaitlyn Rice, PR Intern: During my HSC internship I get to work hands-on with clients and perform valuable PR tasks. So at the end of the day I always double check my assignments to make sure I’ve completed everything on my plate for that day. Also, I always look ahead to what’s on my schedule for the next day.

Corinne: At the end of my day, I usually make sure there is nothing left on my agenda, and I move items I’m still working on to the following day. I will usually review my inbox one more time and check in with the rest of the HSC team.

Q: Is every day the same at HSC?

Kaitlyn: No day is the same at HSC. While some of the tasks might be similar, the content is always different. We are always creating new things and keeping everything very interesting in the office!

Stefanie: In PR, no day is ever the same. Whether it is doing follow ups, writing pitches, going to photoshoots or interviews, all of our clients keep the days interesting and different!

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