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How To Manage Your Media List

One way to be successful in the PR industry is to develop a comprehensive media list. A media list is a living document of key contacts who would would interested in writing or publishing stories about your business or area of expertise. The list may be comprised of journalists, editors, bloggers, TV producers, and freelance writers across all spectrums of media.

Utilize Media Databases

Media database services such as Cision and Meltwater prove to be essential in finding writers, editors, and outlets to add to your media list. Through these databases you can discover such information as an editor’s email, or the UVM (unique visitors per month) or circulation of a particular outlet.

Speaking of Updates...

It’s hard to believe, but your media list is outdated the minute you close out of it for the day. With that said, it is important to get into the routine of updating and cross-checking your media list daily. Rather than just relying on Cision and other media databases, try reviewing outlets directly for new writers.

When in Doubt...Google

Although media databases seem to be the holy grail when it comes to managing media lists, sometimes there will be writers and influencers who are not listed. Rather than giving up and leaving something blank, turn to your old friend Google. More often times than not, writers will have their email and contact information listed on their social media (or they’ll even have their own website). Bottom line, do some searching before throwing in the towel.

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