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3 Tools to Curate Your Insta Feed

Have you ever looked at someone’s Instagram feed and thought to yourself “Okay but how does this look so pretty?”. Chances are their feed has been carefully thought out. If you’re looking to elevate your Insta-feed, we’ve come up with three tips to best help you curate your page to perfection.

Plan it out

There are tools and apps that you can use to curate your Instagram feed weeks or even months before. These tools are extremely helpful to accounts that post daily or often because they allow you to schedule posts so that they are set up to automatically post on the date and time you desire. Our favorite platform for this is GAIN. GAIN allows you to schedule Instagram, Facebook and Twitter posts months in advance allowing effortless posting.

DIY it

Services like GAIN are great for people who run multiple accounts, but if you are trying to organize your personal account it might not be necessary. If you don’t feel like paying for a platform, you can DIY it and create a PDF of posts and captions that you can reference day of. Sort of like a modern-day mood board.

Aesthetic is Everything

The most aesthetically pleasing accounts are the accounts that have a consistent theme or color scheme throughout their pages. Before you start posting, think of how you want your photos to look, long-term. Find the filters you like and use them consistently to allow a more coherent theme throughout your page. Do you want your page to be bright and crisp? Try shooting your pictures with white backgrounds to ensure that they look great when compiled together.

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