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How to Stay on Top of Your Insta Stories

With Instagram’s new algorithm, your followers might not even see your posts. It’s happening more often than you think, but Instagram Stories are a great way to combat this issue. That being said, it can be hard to stay on top of posting quality stories on top of managing other tasks.

That’s why the team at HSC created a weekly planner. Keep reading to download it and read our other tips to stay organized!

Plan Ahead – Use a Planner!

Stories are crucial to drawing eyes towards your profile, as they’re always on the top of followers’ feeds, regardless if they see your post or not. Staying organized with the questions “who, what, when, why, and how” make it easy to create quality, engaging stories even when other important tasks or interruptions come up.

Have Pictures or a Visual Plan Ready

During a busy day, it can be hard to set aside time to go looking for the right image not to mention actually composing a full message. If you’re someone who finds it hard to be creative on the spot in a short amount of time, follow these steps.

1. Upload your image to Instagram stories as if you were about to post

2. Create text or the message desired

3. Save the story without the @ tags or # hashtags (they won’t re-tag when you re-upload!)

4. When it’s time, upload the saved story by swiping up and clicking the image

5. Tag and hashtag, then post!

Think About What You Want to Accomplish

The HSC team planner has goals for every story – some of them include “On Scene,” “Promote Event,” “Company Culture,” and “Client Spotlight.” This helps to not only remember to switch things up, but also keep important dates, events, and products in mind when the day comes around.

Planning ahead for your Instagram stories will help you stay on top of both your social media and your followers’ feeds! Check out the template below to download!

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