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3 Tips to Nail Your Interview

Let’s face it, interviews are nerve-wracking. No matter how well prepared we think we are, butterflies are still flying around in our stomachs right before we walk into that interview room. So, in order to walk in and totally nail your next interview, we’ve put together 3 simple steps to follow.

PREPARE: Obviously… well, hopefully! Whether your interviewing at a new company or simply for a new role in your current one, it’s best to be over prepared than under prepared. The job market is still super competitive at the moment, so do your research on the company and the interviewer if you know who’s interviewing you and have questions or talking points ready.

THE OBVIOUS THINGS: A reiteration of the obvious things in an interview…

- Arrive early! There’s nothing worse than the first impression of a potential new employer to be late to the interview. Yes, things happen (aka traffic) but account for that so you have ample time just in case.

- Know your strengths and know your weaknesses… The inevitable question will come up. “What are your strengths, what are your weaknesses?” If you can’t figure out a good response, ask your friends or current coworkers in a nonchalant way how they usually respond.

- Ask about the position: make sure you ask questions regarding the position to make sure it aligns with what you are wanting. The company/interviewers are not only trying to hire someone for their smarts/experience, they are also hiring someone they would want to work with every day!

- Dress the part: There’s a quote going around, “Don’t dress for the job you have, dress for the job you want”. So, keep in mind: it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Ending questions & next steps: Make sure before you leave, you ask the interviewer what the next steps are? How long until they make their decision? Don’t leave until you know when to follow up.

CONFIDENCE IS KEY: If you’ve prepared enough, you should be confident in your knowledge of the company. But most importantly, you should be confident in yourself! Keep in mind, these interviewers aren’t only interviewing you… you're interviewing them! It’s just as important to see if the company would be a good fit for you as it is visa versa.

BONUS TIP: send a thank you letter/email to your interviewer thanking them for their time… it’s much appreciated.

Now, go on, get out there and ace that interview!

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